Smart ways to deal with your bad appraisal

Smart ways to deal with your bad appraisal

Smart ways to deal with your bad appraisal

 “A bad system will always beat a good person every time” W. Edwards Deming, the American engineer, statistician, professor, author, lecturer, and management consultant.

Deming’s quote relates to your professional life-story? Is your professional life hinting at “quit” because of that bad, very bad appraisal?

Read on to find out the healing processing of such appraisals

We, at resume builder, have jotted down five ways to deal with such unwanted/ unexpected events in your professional life.

This is what you are required to do now –

Keep calm, because this is not the end!

While we understand that you worked hard to bring in desire results, however, this is not the end of your world. There will be negative emotions and also self-criticism, we suggest, see above this. All you need is the self-confidence, remember your hard work and the appreciations that you bagged. Getting angry or even showing anger to your manager/ higher-up will only worsen your situation, so don’t do that.

Precisely, accept this appraisal and stake calm. That’s the ideal first step.

Now assess yourself!

You will wonder why? Self-assessment is essential here to determine and understand if this has happened before – Yes? See through if it’s the same reason that crashed on your dreams even this year. If no, then examine the probable reason; discuss with your manager or the one who rated you, to understand their side of the story. Having done that, now it’s time to take some learnings from this appraisal.

You may not want to work in the same organization, under the same boss, however, you need to carry these learnings everywhere. This bad patch will remind you what to avoid in future and if you efficaciously handle it, you will emerge as a winner.

Thus, assess yourself, learn and carry forward.


Request your boss for a discussion on the appraisal, so you can see both the sides of the coin. Like we all blame it “politics” in the corporate world, however, in this discussion, your boss will have to elaborate your appraisal and performance of the past one year. There is a high possibility that you may have to face negative remarks and criticism, but don’t get bogged down with this. This is a healthy discussion to measuring the depth of your performance. You can also question your boss what the right things you have done and you do it more frequently. Additionally, if you feel, your boss is being too negative about your work, just correct them whenever required. Examine yourself through SWOT analysis of your performance of the last one year. Ultimately, resignation/ job change is not the only solution.

Plan your actions, NOW!

Once out of the meeting room, take some time to understand and decide what should be your next step. These questions may help you –

  • To what extent boss was right?
  • If yes, then how should I improve?
  • If no, do I want to work under him?
  • Or am I ready to move to another project/ department or search a new job?

If you are convinced that your performance was the core reason for this bad appraisal, then start focussing on the improvements. Plan and master very assigned task, deliver your best. You can also take help of your colleagues or your boss in improvising your performance.

Contrastingly, if you disagree with your boss and want to part-ways, we advise you to wait. You should stay in this job if you have a meagre experience of one-two years. In any case, “quit” is not the solution for this problem. However, as an experienced professional, you may commence your job search.

Meet your boss, meet frequently!

If you have decided to work hard and dedicatedly, you need to meet your boss at least once a month to discuss your performance. This meeting should be conducted exclusively to gauge your performance and measure the accuracy or rightfulness in the tasks performed. Another benefit of this meeting is that you keep improving, monthly and not when you encounter a disheartening appraisal.

Life is big!

Having dealt with this appraisal, now remind yourself that you have it enlarge your professional picture. This can be done through your performance, development of skill set and so on. So start working on it, and start today. Let this appraisal be the one and only bad patch in your professional history, which you rectified and moved ahead.

We hope we have victoriously healed your wounds and charged you up for that best Employee trophy.

However, if you still want to quit your current job, remember, we at Resume Builder are happy to help you with best resumes. Connect with us on:

E :
Line 1 : +91-9970318611
Line 2 : +91-7755901241


Renuka Dabhade

Top work from home option for women

Top Work From Home options for women


Jobs, Career, Placement, Big MNC’s, most of us have heard the buzz words during college while entering our teens. With a shadow of support from our parents life seemed to be a piece of cake back then.

But eventually for some of us life happens and takes a toll and the first thing most of us jeopardize is our career. Be it for our family, parental care, baby or marriage. As rightly believed “It’s never too late to follow your dreams”, search the internet, there are so many inspirational stories of women kick starting their career at later stage of life, some after battling cancer or getting out of a disturbed marriage or after charting out time from household chore, the list could go on.

Getting back in the corporate world with a permanent job can be a bit challenging for some women. But with the arrival of online jobs, women can still opt to work from home and add few extra shillings to their livelihood. However occupied a women is with her personal work, it is never advisable to get out of touch from the corporate world. Trying a different genre is far better than completely closing the system, which have been accompanying you in your professional journey. To start with, look for your area of interest and try out the different work options available on the internet. In India there are various portals (Jobsforher, Sheroes, naree, indianmoms and many more) that are exclusive for women and provide all sorts of opportunities be it full time or part time. For women to choose according to their individual work-life balance goals, there are multiple options available on the internet. Here is a list of work from home options that one can opt for.

Blogging/Resume Writing

Blogging is an online action implied for individuals who appreciate composing. So in the event that you cherish composing and collaborating with individuals on different points, then this is an awesome choice. You can make a blog page for yourself and publicize on different sites through a few affiliations. Keep in mind that your blog ought to be remarkable and comprises of fascinating substance. On the off chance that you know the skill of composing a resume putting the correct words at the correct spots, you could turn into a resume author and acquire extraordinary entireties telecommuting. There are sites prepared to pay extraordinary measures of cash per continue.

Vacation Planner

Cordiality is a noteworthy business today. So in the event that you appreciate arranging and sorting out get-aways, then this is your ideal employment. Along these lines you can help individuals arrange their fantasy get-aways. This should be possible by partner yourself with a travel site where individuals come searching for outing counsels. The vast majority of the work should be possible on the web and via telephone.

Online Fitness Coach

Wellness has turned into a noteworthy worry in this day and age. Fitness coaches are practically losing their significance since individuals have begun searching for well-being related data on the Internet. In such a situation, there is a radical new prerequisite for online wellness mentors. Online wellness mentors telecommute and give individuals well-being related counsel. Keeping in mind the end goal to be an online wellness mentor, you should have some involvement in calorie tallying, online rec center sessions and exercise direction.

Dialect Translator

If you are great with dialects or love to learn distinctive dialects, then you can telecommute as an interpreter. You can apply at a distributing firm and join as an interpreter. You can begin by interpreting writings or reports that they allocate you from home and email them back. You can look into about a dialect and learn it on the web; after you are finished with the interpretation, all you have to do is email it to the customer.

Online Shop Owner

With web based shopping destinations assuming control over the Internet, we think this an impeccable choice for each lady. You can open an online store by making a site for yourself. You don’t have to plan the outfits in light of the fact that a large portion of the online stores have a gathering of things that have been purchased from everywhere throughout the Internet. Make your own particular accumulation and promote it through web-based social networking locales, for example, Facebook and Twitter. Another favorable position of this business is that you can open a store of your decision – mold, home style, shoes, magnificence items et al. Sounds intriguing,

Search Engine Evaluator

Organizations like Google and Yahoo! give you data to scan for, and you disclose to them how nearly their outcomes coordinated what you were searching for. Does a scan for Arijit Singh turn up destinations about the music gathering or connections to pre–kargil War period data? If you are Punjabi, for instance, you may be made a request to seek the way a Punjabi speaker may play out a hunt in English. Occupations are normally between 10 to 25 hours seven days.

Corporate English Trainer

Students in nations including Japan, Korea, France and Germany are searching for English speakers to hone with. Sessions concentrate on things like making proficient casual conversation or running a meeting (mentors are given specifics on the most proficient method to instruct every subject, and are likewise prepared themselves for two days before beginning the occupation). Lessons occur either via telephone or on a live Internet video benefit like Skype—in some cases around evening time, since you’re working with understudies in various time zones. You have to focus on at least 20 hours seven days at predictable circumstances, and can fill in upwards of 35 hours.

Get paid for clicking ads

With regards to least demanding approach to gain cash on web then advertisement clicking work goes ahead the top. Here you can gain cash by essentially tapping the promotions and view the advertisements for 15-30 seconds. You can without much of a stretch earn Rs.5000-Rs.10000 every month.

Affiliate Marketing:

In case you need to end up plainly rich by working hard then affiliate marketing is the best choice for you. There is an awesome capability of profiting from partner showcasing. There are a huge number of sites on web that give subsidiary projects. You can join your preferred subsidiary projects and advance their items. You can make up to half by offering the results of the sponsors. You don’t have to stress over keeping up the items, shipment, client taking care of and so forth. Some of mainstream member projects are Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank, VCommission and so on.


Amrita Kolay



As long as you as an individual… can convince yourself that in order to move forward as best you can you have to be optimistic, you can be described as ‘one of the faithful,’ one of those people who can say, ‘Well, look, something’s going to happen! Let’s just keep trying. Let’s not give up.


Nobody needs to be average yet by definition the vast majority fall into that category. Break out of the mold and do some work that isolates you from whatever remains of the pack. The force of conviction is stunning. That can be both great and terrible. In the event that you accept you’re average you will unavoidably remain average. In any case, on the off chance that you trust you can be awesome, entry ways will begin to open. Put some exertion into persuading yourself that you’re not simply one more average individual. Persuade yourself that being normal is a farthest point you force on yourself, and continue advising yourself that you are boundless.

The most ideal situation is for what you’re after to come to you. Achievement is greatly appealing, so one of the most ideal approaches to draw in what you need is by exhibiting your prosperity. Demonstrate to any individual who meets you that you fall in the “better than expected” class. In the event that you need somebody to consider you for your fantasy work, make it a point to demonstrate them why you’re that individual’s fantasy representative. The sharpest, easiest approach to do that is to dependably invest your best effort.

Being average can often equate to being, well, lazy. In the event that you know you can fulfill all the more yet pick not to apply genuine exertion and transcend your companions, the shoe most unquestionably fits. You may not let go from your position, but rather you beyond any doubt aren’t getting that huge advancement. In case you’re just trying, you’ll just discover negligible achievement. To get further in life you have to truly put in the work. In the event that you choose things are “sufficient” you will rapidly wind up getting to be distinctly stagnant. In the event that you continue revealing to yourself that you can improve, you will turn out to be better. However, there are other individuals attempting to end up distinctly more than normal, as well, so you need to work…

Start Thinking: Most fruitful individuals are not Harvard graduates, nor are they more brilliant than the normal individuals. They simply think greater than the rest. Preparing to stun the world costs nothing and requires nothing of you. Once an idea sticks, begin little and iron out the wrinkles as you come.

HOW TO BE MORE THAN AVERAGERepeat the routine: Famous, happy and content people repeat the routine longer than average people. They continue rehashing commonplace errands and the fatigue superior to others. In the event that you become ill and tired of doing likewise again and again and quit, you practically went back to square one.

Hold Your Ground: Successful individuals realize what they need out of their exertion, while normal individuals are indistinct about what they need. Once the objective has been lazed, they keep out all diversions that may control them off kilter. You have to keep out these diversions in the event that they are not adjusted to with you need to accomplish. Figure out how to state no, notwithstanding when they originate from friends and family.

Start Believing: Top Leaders are not stressed over the “hows” of completing things. They concentrate on what they have to do. As far as possible plausibility, yet the “whats” extend it. You need to accept what you set out to accomplish is conceivable and possible. You would prefer not to be restricted or threatened by the points of interest of completing it. The “hows” normally unfurl when the time is correct.

Take Risk: Successful people take more risk than average people. They don’t show misfortunes in their psyche before they lose. They concentrate on the wins on the off chance that they succeed. Everything worth doing includes hazard yet you can limit chance through appropriate arranging and having emergency courses of action set up.

Look for Advice: Intelligent individuals know who to seek advice from, whereas average people get advice from just about anyone. It is genuine you need to ask somebody who has let’s not go there again for exhortation, yet it is more critical to ask somebody who has done that with honesty.

Laud Yourself: Stop and take in the pleasant ambiance. Be glad for what you have done, not what you haven’t done. Being normal is being nauseated with everything constantly. A rock falling on the trail is sufficient to get individuals’ athletes in a tangle. None of us knows the significance of life, and who realizes what wild, insane experience comes next in our reality.

Be superior to anything your associates by being occupied with what you’re doing. Wipe out all diversions by finding a quiet situation. Cut out a place for yourself that is free from the general requests of your everyday life so you can simply take every necessary step. The best thing you can do is discover some place calm, yet regardless of the possibility that you are working in a disordered you can block everything out with a couple of earphones and the correct music.

Now and again, all the little occasions that happen appear like they don’t mean anything. Normal individuals don’t trust that minutes in time are associated. They trust that something is either great or awful. Actually everything is associated, and you require great, awful and nothing minutes to succeed. Every occasion in your reality connects up earlier musings in your mind, signifying something imperative.

What that something critical is may not be known yet, but rather it will uncover itself on the off chance that you decline to settle for fair. Continue rehearsing your propensities and continue check off objectives. At absolute bottom, it can feel like there is no point, yet there is. There is an indicate everything, you simply don’t have any acquaintance with it yet, and shouldn’t.

Normal can likewise mean imperceptible. On the off chance that you just do what is asked of you, there’s no purpose behind individuals not to overlook you. Individuals will recollect that you if what you do is significant, so create work of such a high caliber, to the point that it’s absolutely impossible it or you can be overlooked. One trap is to ensure what you offer is particular from what any other person does. Figure out how to create things that are really one of a kind. You can’t be normal in case you’re unique.


Amrita Kolay

You thought you had the best resume… wait until you read this!

best resume

You thought you had the best resume… wait until you read this!

You will get only one chance of making a first impression… how you want that to be?

The obvious answer is “Lasting Impression”!

Yes, you don’t just want it to be a good impression, but a lasting one!

In a bid to make this lasting best impression, you will pour every possible event of your life and achievements. You are definitely confident about this and will start applying to those dream jobs that you have been waiting for.

Your recruiter didn’t like your life history and colourfully painted events along with achievements. Oops! There is a hitch in here and you didn’t even realize this.

We will tell you what was wrong in your resume that your recruiter rejected it. To ease your stress we have jotted the issues/ demerits of your resume in pointers below:

First trouble starts with the file format

You are a huge fan of either of MS Word/ Text/ Google docs and sent your significant document in any of this format; it’s a bit unprofessional. The ideal format is the Adobe PDF as it allows all the readers to read your document with making any changes or requesting you for permission to view it.

Let’s peek into the resume now

Your email address could be

A title of your hobby or the anything favourite showcases an unprofessional view. For instance,

This mail id reflects your love for cricket, but why would your recruiter be interested in this?

We suggest you to create a professional mail id exclusively for professional purposes, like job search and so on.

Story of my life

It is very important to understand what should be included and excluded from a resume. A recruiter may not be interested in reading your life story or everything that you have done academically and professionally. Write only what is relevant for the position that you are applying. Forget the rest.

Your creativity

It your resume and not a personal letter, so be explicitly professional here. There are many amongst us who get immensely creative in their resume, for “no-reason”. The resume is for professional purpose, so follow a common font, at the same time you can change the size of the font and also highlight headings. Unless you are a designer or photographer, don’t include your art work here.

Excess of academics and common skills

Yes, it happens! You have completed an MBA but are still bolstering about your high school rank or achievements. Ideally, you should include only your Bachelors and post Graduate degree.

Additionally, to showcase your skilful professionalism, you may include most common skills such as Computer knowledge, typing speed, effective communication and so on. Your resume must talk about your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) to get an interview call else you will be amongst the commoners.

Off the formatting

Your creativity strikes again! The professional resume must follow a consistent formatting pattern. This affects the visual effect of the document and if undone, it will exhibit an unorganized side of you.

I, Me and Myself

You are the whole and sole person applying here and it’s obvious that your resume will talk only about yourself. In this case, you don’t need “I”, “Me” and “My” i.e., first person words. For instance, I managed the key business accounts

Instead – Handled key business accounts

Your daily KRAs

That’s the least you can include in your resume. Like mentioned above, your resume should have your USPs. Your profile will obviously state your daily activities. If you are a manager and your resume says – Monitored day-to-day operations

Therefore, try and emphasize on your additional tasks and responsibilities; from previous work experience stress on your achievements, it will give more weight age to your resume.

Having read this, now go and make changes to your resume; if stuck, let Resume Builder do the work for you, while you relax!


Renuka Dabhade

How to Make Your LinkedIn Attractive

How to make your LinkedIn

How to Make Your LinkedIn Attractive

With over 400 million people on the network, LinkedIn is quickly gaining popularity to connect with people from the professional arena. More and more people are joining LinkedIn to connect with people in similar or new line of work, to share views, ideas, and best practices. As digitization takes over, companies are turning to the internet to search for suitable candidates. They no longer have to contend with local talent, as the internet allows them to search from a global, wider pool of talent with more skills suited for the job.

Incidentally, LinkedIn has also emerged as a new platform for hiring managers to scout for potential candidates. And it’s not just the smaller ones, the big guns are also all-out on their candidate hunt on LinkedIn. This is quickly becoming more and more attractive since LinkedIn has turned out to be quite an economical means to advertise jobs and search for candidates, while simultaneously creating a global footprint for the organization. There’s basically zero cost of global job advertising, and a much better chance of finding the right fit for the job.

Which is why there is an increasing emphasis among professionals to brush up, improve, and enhance their online presence on LinkedIn, to make them stand apart from the myriad of people looking to get a job. True, a good profile offers a much better chance of getting selected for an interview, or at the least, reviewed by a hiring manager rather than a nearly empty or irrelevant profile. This is not to say that filling up the profile with too much content would generate better responses, but yes, an adequately presented LinkedIn presents more opportunities than a non-existent profile.

As mentioned earlier, a LinkedIn profile does not need to be content-heavy to put the point across. A good LinkedIn profile is as much about representation, as it is about content. Through this article, we aim at decoding the factors that contribute in creating a LinkedIn presence that not only amplifies the interest in your profile, but also serves as a succinct online resume that you can readily use to apply for jobs.

Content Quality

First and foremost, a LinkedIn needs to be a career summary and not an autobiography. This means that you need to strictly filter the amount and type of content that goes into a LinkedIn, since this is a public profile, and many people can access it. Include highlights of your responsibilities and career for every section, rather than simply copy-pasting your resume on to LinkedIn. This gives the reader (in this case a potential recruiter) sufficient information to initiate contact with you, while at the same time leaving room for detailed queries for your role at an interview. Too much information simply puts off a reader into going further into your profile. Lastly, the content should be grammatically sound with no scope for errors.

Important Sections

This varies from individual to individual, but on a broader perspective, an ideal LinkedIn should have the following sections completed: Headline, Summary, Experience, Skills, and Education. A good headline should be an indicative of what your key skills are, rather than simply putting up your recent designation. That is way too lazy. Similarly, the Summary and Experience section need to be completed with qualitative content, and as stated above, should give away information sufficient for a recruiter to get in touch with you. The skills section need to have your core expertise areas in the form of relevant keywords, and not phrases or sentences. For experienced people, it is ideal to include more of job-related skills as opposed to soft skills, since the latter is implied. For freshers, it is recommended that more of soft skills be included to showcase their abilities to quickly adapt to surroundings.


An approach in creating content for LinkedIn is equally important as the representation and content quality. How you wish to portray yourself plays a key role in defining peoples’ view of you. A good LinkedIn profile would ideally represent you, instead of the organization you are working in, and do so in a slight story format. For this, you need to select your point of view – that is, the first or the third person. While a first-person account is deemed as more realistic, a third-person view is considered unbiased. It is recommended that freshers use the first-person stance, entrepreneurs use a third-person stance, while an experienced professional can choose between a first or a third-person approach. Another aspect to this is representation. Paragraph style, Bullet style, or a mix of both can be employed, depending upon the experience level, to maintain content coherency and information flow. Again, for a fresher, it is recommended to use paragraph style of writing, to make the profile appear to have some volume, while for an experienced professional, any of the three approaches can work.

Special Sections

These needs to be completed in case of special profiles. The sections under this include the other options on LinkedIn, such as Courses, Projects, Volunteer Causes, Organizations (for memberships), Publications, Posts, etc. These sections are mostly for enhancing a profile and adding value.

LinkedIn Recommendations

Recommendations serve like a virtual review of your performance to a potential recruiter. Remember how when you look up an e-commerce website to buy something, you always look for the reviews? That is identical to how LinkedIn Recommendations work. A good LinkedIn recommendation should ideally have specific information to depict your skill areas, while being human and realistic at the same time. Additionally, another aspect of recommendations is a healthy balance on the reviews you’re getting. Too many reviews as against the number of connections, or too less compared to your overall profile connections, both raise concern and are potential red flags. To avoid this, either restrict your connections to people you know, or have recommendations from people you have worked for or with. This contributes a lot in establishing the genuineness and honesty of the reviews, and is a win-win for you as well.

In the end, a good LinkedIn profile will go a long way in uncovering new and exciting opportunities and avenues for you.


Amrita Kolay

Job Loss – Why You Shouldn’t Blame The Employer, And Retrospect Instead


Job Loss – Why You Shouldn’t Blame The Employer, And Retrospect Instead

“You’re fired” these words spell dread for any working individual, and bring with them a flood of emotions. One of life’s most stressful experiences, losing a job brings an apprehensive feeling for an individual, with questions and anxiety regarding what the future holds for them. While most people stress out and start blaming the company/employer for the situations, only a few truly delve deeper and retrospect as to what went wrong, and why they were let go.

The stress associated with a job loss can be quite overwhelming, and has the power to knock off an individual’s self-esteem and sense of purpose. Instead of dusting off and rising to become a better version of oneself, most people often resort to the blame-game, finding faults in other people and situations, while failing to look inside of them and resolve the issues or shortcomings.

While it is perfectly okay to lament at the loss of the job, it is very important to remember that a job or a career doesn’t define a person’s identity. Differentiating between one’s self-worth from the job is equally important. Additionally, it is also to be noted that the employer is not always at fault for one’s job loss; perhaps there were errors on the individual’s end that led to their firing from the job. One needs to reconsider, if they knowingly or accidentally, committed those mistakes which led to their subsequent termination from the organization.

Although these reasons may vary from company to company, a few common, collective reasons why someone could get fired are listed below. One can check and see if their firing was due to any of these reasons, so that they do not commit these mistakes again:

  1. Lying on a résumé or job application

The old proverb, “a half truth is a whole lie”, fits perfectly well in any given scenario. Some people resort to lying or telling half-truths to gain employment, such as inflating achievements, skills, or qualifications to appear better than the other candidates. While this may work for a while, it can come back to haunt a candidate in case the existing company decides to go for a thorough background check, and finds out that a candidate has majorly lied on their résumé. While a minor discrepancy in stating facts on a résumé might not be concerning, a major difference in facts might lead to termination of employment by the employer.

  1. Posting on/leaking confidential company information on social media

While most of the companies are fine with a candidate’s presence on social media during office hours, some companies either forbid it completely or partially as part of company policy, which they ensure is well known to all current and prospective employees. Despite well-versed with this, if an employee knowingly uses social media during office hours or posts sensitive/confidential information without the company’s prior consent, then they might face termination from employment.

  1. Using company assets/property for personal gains/consumption/work

In most companies, use of internal assets/property is strictly forbidden for personal usage. If a candidate is found using company assets/property for materializing their own gains, they might face severe punishment, including losing the job with immediate effect.

  1. Stealing, Misconduct, or taking long/useless/unproductive breaks

Theft, misbehavior, cheating, and lying to the company, if discovered, are liable for warranting a job termination on the spot. Additionally, taking constant, longer breaks from work that are unproductive and serve as a useless expenditure for the company might also become a reason for an employer to let go of an employee. Small, well-timed breaks are not a cause of concern; in fact, most companies encourage taking small breaks in between work to allow employees to refresh and work at their peak productivity; but if one is taking regular, extended breaks for most of their office time, then they can be terminated.

  1. Falsification/Misrepresentation of company records

Another reason why someone could be fired is prolonged or continuous misstatement of company records and reports. This involves painting an entirely different picture of the company than reality, and constitutes to fraud for stakeholders and general public. This includes inflating or deflating company profits/losses, hiding public information, misleading investors/stakeholders/public regarding the company’s core business or agenda, and more. If an employee is caught directly or indirectly participating in misrepresenting or falsifying company records for personal gains, then they can be terminated on spot.

  1. Insubordination, Poor Performance, and Policy Violation

Continuous poor performance and the inability to follow allocated direction/work can also be a reason for employees to get fired, as no company wants to work with people who waste internal resources and negate productivity. Additionally, serious violations of key company policies can also result in employees being let go of their job.

  1. Drug/Alcohol possession or consumption during working hours

This is a serious offense; while most companies allow light alcohol consumption during informal company events or parties, almost all of them prohibit consumption or possession of drugs and alcohol within the office premises, as it inhibits and hinders a person’s ability to work and concentrate properly. One can easily be fired on the grounds of alcohol or drug possession in office.

  1. Rendering damage to company property

Inflicting serious damage to company assets and property intentionally can also be grounds for termination. While unintentional damage might be let go with a fine or salary deduction, an intentional damage to a company’s property will not only get a pink slip, but might also warrant a police case, if the company deems fit.

As mentioned previously, lamenting a job loss is fine, but before blaming anyone, one should think if the problem lies within, as opposed to outside. If one is guilty of any of the above reasons and has been fired from their respective job, then instead of blaming, they should focus on improving their skills and qualities, and consider not repeating the mistake in a new organization. A job termination is not the end of the world; the skills and qualities one possesses can get them far ahead in life, provided they work on shaping the best aspect of their personality. As such, it is best if one moves ahead with introspection and a promise of a better future for themselves.


Amrita kolay

Achieved seniority in career? Hire a Resume Write & see the change

Leadership Resume WriterAchieved seniority in career? Hire a Resume Write & see the change

In this scorching heat, are you wandering in the job market?

We know it’s expensive, it takes dry-cleaning your formal (lucky) outfits, traveling and the list goes on…!

Any luck? If the answer was yes, you would not be here, reading this!

Allow us to unburden your worries to some extent here.

Have you heard about Garry? With raised eyebrows, you might be wondering who that is.

Forget the rest; what is important for you is that he landed five job interviews in a row and now he is baffled where to go

Well you could be Garry… read on

Garry had spent almost seven years and was at a senior level in his incumbent organization, this is Garry’s usual story alike any of you. He hated his office location, commute, office food, colleagues, and top of it his boss. Garry’s company compensated him with standard salary, which was insufficient for his monthly expenses and he couldn’t beat the ever-rising inflation. He was helplessly witnessing his “boss-favourite” colleagues moving-up the hierarchy. As a result, Garry was trying his best to prove the best resource in the job market using his writing skills and fancy words. However, this wasn’t helping him at all. He somehow managed to get one telephonic round of interview. The questions, based on his self-written resume, confused him and he couldn’t answer his merits properly. Obviously, he never heard from the company again.

Shattered Garry got back to his job search on the internet; he saw an advertisement of a Resume Writer and quickly clicked on it. That is the imperative click that got Garry five job-interviews.

You may or may not be as depressed as Garry. You may love your profile but might be missing on something in your career that has brought you to read this.

YOU: Garry hired a Resume Writer, so what? Why should I hire one?

Reason 1

You were always off English Grammar/ Writing and that’s why you went on the other side of languages. Thus, you chose accounts or engineering or any other side of academics. It’s not that the HR of your dream company is looking for an English or language expert, but to understand your experience, achievements, and awards, they should receive your clear and lucid resume in a professional format. This is what Professional Writer of Resume Builder will do for you.

Reason 2

Your resume might be narrating an old story, to the hiring managers. At this senior level, the experience you have gained has a lot to flaunt than your usual day-to-day tasks. Even if you are showcasing the experience or the achievements, it may not be catching the attention due resume’s unclear/ old format/ layout. It’s a time to renew and revamp it, sit back and let Resume Builder take care of it.

Reason 3

Alike old Garry you are waiting for an interview call, however, the wait is never-ending. That’s the apathy of the eager seekers like you in the competitive job market. You are confident of your impeccable academics, skills, experiences, and achievements; your resume needs to demystify all the facts accurately in a professional and lucid pattern. This is the obstacle in getting the interview calls or e-mails, change it!

Reason 4

You love precise writing and have used the same to summarize your academics, achievements etc., on one page. Precise writing is good, but not always; you must detail few things in your resume to give a better understanding to the reader. For instance –

Resume of Senior Manager at ABC Ltd

  • Excellent presentation skills

Replaced with

  • Acknowledged for articulate business presentations to the Chairman of the company

Now you know which one is better.

Reason 5

Manger – Jobless – Manger – Senior Manager

Is this your story?

You may have left your well-established profile to manage your personal life and that has created a “pause” in your career history. You cannot change it but can present it in such a way that hiring manager understands your past situation and focuses on your current role. And a professional Writer can do this, give it a try!

In all, Garry did not work hard but worked smart. Well, that’s the mantra of the decade, abide by this and move-up the career ladder.

After all “Effort is important, but knowing where to put effort makes all the difference.”


Renuka Dabhade