About us

Resume Builder™ : About Us

Resume Builder™ is result of the realization of ideas gained during our recruitment process. We realized this early on recruiting leadership level profiles what a well written and well presented resume can do. In a nutshell it can do wonders.

We have come a long way since then. Resume Builder as a brand serves resume writing needs of professional resume writing for the following categories:

  • Leadership and C-Level executive resume writing for professionals who are looking for a personalized resume that can capture their vast experience succinctly and expresses the value proposition in a document that you can carry with you confidently. Resumes are thoroughly researched and bench-marked against the best in the industry. We bring in our leadership recruiting expertise to craft a resume that is custom and purpose written which can be confidently presented before Board-Level panels. 
  • Resume Writing for Senior Executives and Mid-Level professionals
  • Resume Writing for Non-IT executives 
    • for Manufacturing Sector professionals
    • for Power and Energy Sector professionals
    • for Infrastructure Sector executives
    • for Finance and Accounting executives
    • for Iron / Steel and Metallurgy industries' professionals
    • for Engineering and Production Sector professionals
    • for Business and Strategy professionals
    • for Healthcare professionals
    • for Sales and Marketing professionals
    • for Operations professionals
    • for Administration professionals
    • for Human Resources (HR) professionals
    • for Advertising professionals
  • Resume Writing for IT Executives
    • for IT leadership & C-Suite executives
    • for Programmers and Developers
    • for Software Engineers / Coders
    • for IT Team Leaders
    • for Project Managers
    • for Delivery Managers
    • for Program Managers
    • for Program Directors
    • for Technical Architects
    • for Tech-Lead
    • for VP Offshore Delivery
    • for VP IT Marketing