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Politician profile, Public Servant resume 

Politician profile, Public Servant resume for MP, MLA, MLC, ZP, Corporator / पोलिटिकल प्रोफाइल / राजनीतिक रिज्यूमे / राज्य सभा, लोकसभा, विधान सभा - परिषद् , निकाय चुनाव, राजनितिक दावेदारी के लिए प्रोफाइल इत्यादि 

When it comes to public life there is no other as exposed and as in your face as it is for public personalities and people’s representatives who are always in the public eye, always facing scrutiny and social review. Not just from the people but also from other quarters such as media. With the advent and pre-eminence of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs etc. it is imperative for a people’s representative to manage one’s persona and actively seek to put his/her point of view across all channels, seamlessly spanning boundaries of language, location and time.

Resume Builder brings to you our services specially meant for people’s representatives who would want to stake claim to greater public access and reach with transparency and objectivity. Whether you are a Lok Sabha MP or a candidate, or a Rajya Sabha veteran. Whether you are fighting a state assembly elections or aspiring to become an MLA or MLC, or, for that matter you may be contesting a local body election for the position of a corporator or a councillor, you need a solid profile across the media.

We make Resumes, Public Profiles and LinkedIn profiles of politicians and public personalities. So, whether you a sitting MP of the Parliament ( Lok Sabha / Rajya Sabha ) or you are an MLA / MLC of the state assembly ( Vidhan Sabha / Vidhan Parishad / Vidhan Soudha ) you need to ensure that you have your profile in the social media across the platforms for credibility, trust and instant people connect.

A well-made personal and social profile ensures you have high credibility with your people and imparts a competitive edge to your candidature.

Our services comes in 2 languages :English & Hindi 

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हिंदी भाषा में पोलिटिकल [राजनीतिक] रिज्यूमे Public Profile [Resume] in Hindi ( combination of Text and Visual elements), any One :

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Please Note / कृपया ध्यान दें :

1. The charges for Political Profile [Resume] depends on case to case basis, the above prices are indicative minimum and can increase depending upon the complexity and requirements.

ऊपर दिए गए शुल्क प्रतीकात्मक एवं न्यूनतम शुल्क हैं, ये विशेष ज़रूरतों और परिस्थितियों में बदल सकते हैं. आपके कार्य के अनुरूप सेवा का शुल्क निर्धारित होता है. यह शुल्क अधिक भी हो सकता है.

2. We strictly do not share Political Profile samples  for the sake of confidentiality.

हम पोलिटिकल रिज्यूमे के सैंपल किसी भी सूरत में किसी के साथ शेयर नहीं करते हैं , १००% गोपनीयता हेतु . 

3. Resume Builder does not solicit business using real samples of political profiles or resumes with any third party without the prior approval of the person or the organisation concerned.

हम असली सैंपल दिखाकर आपसे आर्डर नहीं लेते हैं क्यूंकि इससे गोपनीयता भंग होती है , इसलिए आपसे अपेक्षा है की हमपे सैंपल दिखाने का दबाव न बनाये.

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