5 Key success mantras for champion HR Recruiters




“I am convinced that nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day you bet on people, not on strategies.” – Lawrence Bossidy, GE


A simple quote that reveals the base of a Human Resource process; if we look into the current hiring scenario every word of the phrase holds true. Human Resource Management constructs the base of an organization, stronger the base strong would be the company structure. Starting from resume screening, reviewing job applications, interviewing candidates, people from HR team are involved in almost everything that relates to employees and their benefits. Wearing the HR hat is easy but very few possess the eagle eye to pick the right candidate from the lot. Basic qualities that separate a recruiter from the crowd are:


  • Understanding the job requirement:


As simple it may appear but the job description plays a very important role in recruitment, since it clearly contains “The Actual Requirement” from the concerned department. There are many roles in the market that appear to be same but are separated by a very thin line. A smart recruiter would always be able to determine the line and source the rightful candidate.


For example if the position is open for a Marketing person, there would be numerous applicants from various backgrounds, people from sales would apply, now often people tend to mix sales and marketing professionals. A good recruiter would always know the difference and look for qualities that separates a marketer from sales, such as “A person who sees the overall picture of a product, conducts an in depth market research and prepare a proper plan to augment sales is a marketing person and a person who just focuses on selling a product and meet the assigned target is a sales professional”.


Not all recruiters will have an ability to identify and understand the crucial thin lines; hence it is very important to gain an in depth understanding of the requirement before going to the next step.


  • Conducting the right search using the JD, and using social tools apart from traditional modes.


If one takes the correct path he/she would surely reach the desired destination, but if the path is wrong he/she would end up find nothing else but darkness. This holds true for our every field, so in case of recruitment, while understanding a job description a qualified recruiter would always pick up the relevant keywords and then use them to search for the candidate at various job portals. He/she would definitely seek help from social platforms like LinkedIn and Google search engine, which we all use every day to quench our quest, a good HR would always know how to search profiles using Boolean logics and specify keyword search technique.


One has to know what he/she is seeking before searching so knowing the job description is a must for every HR.  So once the search is done, the selected candidate can be called for face to face interview.


  • Reflecting the right culture


HR carries the face of the company, so he/she should always maintain decency while meeting with candidates. Since a slightest wrong impression can drive a potential candidate away. It has been noticed in a survey that often candidates are not able to speak their true self due to the rudeness of the Interviewer.


At the time of interview often the interviewee is nervous, a good HR must always know to ease the nervousness, create a calm environment, and make the person feel comfortable. Once the candidate feel contented and wanted he/she would feel the ease to open up and reflect their true self.


  • Knowledge of ERP (Employee Resource Planning) systems:


There are lot of Human Capital Management applications in the market, whose knowledge can enhance the skills of a HR. Some popular Human Capital Management applications and support are provided by companies like Oracle, SAP, Microsoft etc. These applications keep all the data of the Employees right from hiring till termination / Resignation. All the transactions of the Employees are captured in the system inside various modules like Recruiting, Absence Management, Payroll & Compensation, Time and Labour. There are various reporting features and automation in these systems which ease the work of a HR in a large organization.


  • Communication – The Human Connection and The Final Choice:


Any expert would know the importance of communication, the more time an interviewer spend with an interviewee the more they both would get to know about each other and this is absolutely apt before starting for a long term relationship with the organization.


It is always important to hire a candidate who carries the right attitude. A candidate often tends to hide their flaws, a good HR would know how to bring down a candidate to his/her comfort level and ask relevant questions that would help to highlight the actual qualities required for the post.


Taking decision is always tricky, a slight misunderstanding or communication gap and one might lose a deserving candidate. HR must know to weigh all the qualities and determine if it matches with the requirement. Also, while settling for a candidate it is also very important to keep the allocated budget in mind. So however tough it may be, professionals with strong background and knowledge in HR would always provide strategic oversight with ease and hire the right candidate within the assigned budget. A true HR always focuses on “Human” aspect in HR by winning employee confidence and trust; maintain cordial management-employee relations and achieve desired results.


Post Author:

Amrita Kolay