Top 10 job interview mistakes to avoid

Top 10 job interview mistakes to avoid : Resume Builder

Top 10 job interview mistakes to avoid : Resume Builder

Top 10 Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid

Going to elite college, grabbing a good internship and securing a prompt promotion in the very first job make you eligible to look out for a dream job.

It is conspicuous that aforesaid scenario would be deemed meaningless unless you crack the interview. And to be able to do that one should exhibit an ability to articulate his or her career interests, talk about achievements and lure the recruiter with his skills.

You should showcase your distinct attributes to be able to stand out from the other counterparts applying for the same job apart from sticking to a few crucial etiquettes such as dress mindfully, talk less, etc.

Read on to know 10 interview blunders that you should never make.

1 Reaching Late

Confirm your interview timing beforehand so that you don’t get late for the interview. Allow yourself to settle at the venue and make yourself comfortable by grabbing a cup of coffee of so before plunging in an interview clueless.

2. Not rehearsing for interview.

Your dream to land up a job might turn out to be a nightmare if you unable to respond to queries put forth by your hiring manager.

Considering the today’s competitive scenario, you must prepare yourself to justify and connect your skills with the job you are applying for. So to be able to withstand various questions stage a mock interview.

Of course, you are required to role-play. Just look out for a friend who could provide authentic valuable criticism. It would let you explore the opportunity to reorient your way of thinking and develop a dialogue.

3. Subduing your achievements.

It is so very evident from getting an interview call that recruiter is already very impressed by you and wants you to prove them right. “Do not demean yourself by being too self-effacing in fact prepare to exhibit how modest by nature you are.

4. Being Talkative

It is off course significant to speak about how you can resolve issues, gel along with people, and go with the flow however that should be in line with the drift of the conversation.

5. Twisting hair, tapping your foot and biting nails

We all feel nervous, however nowhere that habit so noticeable than in a face-to-face interview. Control biting your lips when you’re feeling nervous and shaking your leg. This can be done with the practice of mock interview.

6. Bragging about that you don’t possess weakness and have never confronted rejection.

Articulate your good qualities in subtle manner that it does not sound like “blowing your own trumpet”. It can put off the recruiters since they are looking out for a calm-composed professional and not a self-bragger. Be prepared to talk about your negative qualities and mistakes too in a way which states that you have evolved as a professional by confronting those.

7. Evading direct eye contact.

Nowadays most of the communication happens electronically which does not give us an opportunity to confront a face. Firm handclasp, eye connection and talking at a level at which you can be audible. Maintain a comfortable posture which should make you look confident and interested in taking the conversation forward.

8. Staring at your mobile

Turn off your mobile or any electronic gadget. Consider an interview as the most significant first date you’ve ever had. Give the recruiter your full attention and impress with your intelligence, charm, and effort.

9. Trying to be friendly with your recruiter.

Professionals from Human Resource Department are very professional, though they don’t look like because most of them are young and are fun to interact with. Try to maintain decorum till the time you land a job. Keep in mind that every step of yours is being noticed very minutely since the time you step in and leave the room.

10. Don’t be curious about salary.

Of course, salary is the most crucial element of the job, however tending to be curious even before we have not been interviewed is a big no, because putting it forth in the beginning of an interview would give an impression that you are only interested in salary and not the job.

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