Terms of Service

Terms of Service

By using this/these service/s you (the customer /user / subscriber) agree to the following terms:


  1. All the services provided by Resume Builder are prepaid and are non- refundable, the services will only start once you place the order and make the payment. 

  2. Resume Builder reserves the right to make changes/withdraw any offer/ change prices or change combos at any-time it deems fit without prior notice.

  3. Resume Builder is not bound to serve every requisition to for this service, Resume Builder reserves the right to deny this service at its discretion to any individual/s  or organisations without assigning any reason/s. In case payment has been made, Resume Builder will refund the amount.

  4. The introductory price is likely to be changed as per the discretion of Resume Builder without prior intimation.

  5. Resume Builder does not give any assurance or warranty or guarantee about you securing a job / awards / opportunities by availing this/these services, this is a purely resume development / writing service / content development / content writing service and does not guarantee any job / awards / opportunities.

  6. Resume Builder does not take responsibility of any damage caused by the usage of this service. Our maximum liability is limited only to the refund of the amount received by us.

  7. If cash is deposited in our bank account, any charges arising out of cash deposit will have to be borne by the customer of this service. We will not initiate the resume development / writing service / content development / content writing services work till full payment has been made.

  8. resume development / writing service / content development / content writing service shall only start once payment has been realized in our bank account.

  9. Resume Builder reserves the right to a delay in delivery owing to exigencies or factors that are beyond our control. By availing our services the user is making sure that Resume Builder will not be held liable for reasons beyond the control of Resume Builder.

  10. In case the service has not been delivered within 30 days after the payment has been made in full by the customer, Resume Builder will refund the original amount to the customer.

  11. Refund demand is not entertained unless Resume Builder is unable to accede to a reasonable and clearly pre-defined demand set by the client.

  12. Resume development / writing service / content development / content writing service [or any other services] is/are developed as per the initial expectation set by the client during the requirement gathering process (RGP) / Expectation Setting call, once the resume is prepared as per the initial expectation, Resume Builder  is not obliged to make changes if the need of the client changes mid-way. The output in these cases are considered as completed orders.

  13. Clients cannot seek full or partial refunds after placing orders. Refunds can be entertained only before the requirement gathering process [RGP] has started. Once RGP process is over refunds are not entertained.

  14. Every edit requested by the client must be clear in intent and the expected changes should be explicit, writing is an art which is subjective and hence the writer’s point of view and the reader’s/customer’s opinion can be divergent and this is expected as long as the broad parameters of the resume or any other service conveys the same expectation that is earlier set in the RGP process. Edit request denied either due to excessive demands for edits or due to changing of goal posts frequently cannot be a ground for refunds.

  15. Resume Builder will initiate a refund in cases where our writers or officials from Resume Builder have written in writing that they cannot fulfill the requirement or show their lack of competency or willingness to do the same. Only in this case refund will be processed. Resume Builder tries its best to satisfy the clients to the maximum possible extent.

  16. In cases where Resume Builder has clearly stated that no edits are possible even after the client has stated to get the edits made without a clearly defined roadmap and expectation, Resume Builder in these cases will not refund the charges to the client.

  17. Parts of services ordered initially cannot be cancelled individually, however they can be swapped or adjusted against another service of similar or near about similar value.

  18. Standard Turn Around Time for resume development / writing service / content development / content writing services are variable and is indicated while placing the order by our operations team [in Order confirmation email or other communications]. The timelines are tentative and can change subject to availability of writers, or response from the client. Services can get delayed if the response from the client is incomplete / RGP hasn't been responded to/ Partial information is shared / No information shared for queries / unwilling to respond to RGP document. Point to be noted, if the RGP gets delayed the final output gets delayed too. *

  19.  Turn Around Time for Express Services are as per indicated by us through our communications in email or as per the Order confirmation emails. Typically Express services apply only to one primary service other services if opted in a package will have normal or regular turn around times.  Cut-off time for receipt is 12 p.m. (I.S.T.)beyond which requisition received will be taken up on the next working day starting at 10 a.m. **

  20. For Requisitions received on weekends the next working day starting at 10 a.m. will be considered as the starting time.

  21. Working days (for deliveries) are Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. [IST],

  22. Saturdays & Sundays and Public holidays are Off for delivery. Online Sales are open 24x7.

  23. Validity of Services

    Validity of Resume Editing after final draft accepted by client: 15 days, maximum 1 edit allowed [subject to discretion]

    Service closure if RGP response not received by Resume Builder: 45 days

    Reminder email/s are sent by Resume Builder and if the client doesn’t respond within 15 days, service will be considered to have been delivered and service closure effected. Activation charges will be levied to restart the services if the client fails to respond to our service request emails and if he/she wants to get the services restarted.  

  24. Service Abuse: The services will be considered as abuse of services if the Final draft of resume development / visual resume / SOP / RPL / LinkedIn profile / writing service / content development / content writing service or other services exceed beyond version 4. It is up to the discretion of Resume Builder to mark these services as delivered and order (requisition) as completed. Any further demand to edit will be considered as Service Abuse and will not be serviced as per the discretion of the operations team. Also, any changes requested by the client which is beyond the initial expectation set by the client initially agreed upon at the time of placing the order will be considered as Service Abuse and will not be entertained by Resume Builder.

  25. Editing Charges:

    Depending on the scope of changes demanded by the client, editing charges can vary from case to case.


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